Thursday, April 29, 2010

Info about Canvass

Canvass Volunteers!
Meet at Valley’s Library 10:00AM
Attire: Blue Clothing, walking shoes, hat & sunscreen (recommended).
Bring: A snack, water and a camera to help us document this important event.

Weather: 71 degrees

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


May 1, 2010 @ Valley High School

10:00-10:15 Register
10:15:11:00 Canvassing Training
11:00-1:00 Canvassing VHS Community
1:00-2:00 Return to Valley, submit all materials and discuss canvassing experience

Everyone will be placed in groups of 3-4 people. Groups will be sent into different neighborhoods with a canvassing script and brochures promoting CST (California Standards Test) preparation. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. We encourage everyone to wear blue or VHS attire. Finally, if possible bring a snack (ex: donuts, juice, water) to share.

Faculty Meeting: Monday, April 19th

I had the honor of presenting VALLEY HIGH 180's Canvassing Event to the VHS faculty. During Monday's 15 minute presentation I discussed how the May 1st event will bring awareness to the VHS community. Valley Staff were very supportive and offered their support.

1. Some teachers will offer extra credit to students that attend canvassing event.
2. Staff will create a brochure focusing on the importance of the CST (California Standards Test) schedule for week of May 17.
3. Several staff members will join us on May 1st.

The canvassing will focus on asking the VHS community the following questions:

1. Are you aware of Valley's academic performance based on CST results?
2. How do parents motivate their children?
3. What are your concerns with Santa Ana schools?
4. How can you support VHS?

The data collected through this event will be presented to the Valley High School faculty. In addition, data will inform the VHS reform plan due to the state on June 1st.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Help Turn VHS Around

Dear Reader,

I regret to inform you that Valley High School and five other Santa Ana Unified School District schools have been identified by the California Department of Education (CDE) as Persistently Lowest Achieving.

Over the last five years Valley High School’s academic achievement based on CST (California Standards Test) has been declining. The state has made it clear that change must occur or else Valley could be shut down.

The news has made me feel very concerned. Earlier this week I met with Valley’s Principal Ms. Felicity Swerdlow to discuss how alumni can support Valley during this difficult time. During the meeting I proposed a canvass of the community served by VHS.

On Saturday, May, 1st Alumni, Staff, Teachers and Students will go to the streets and survey the residents living within the VHS boundaries. Teams of 3 people will go door to door and ask questions to residents about the current state of Valley. In addition, volunteers will collect data that will be used to create the best action plan for the school. We are going to need many volunteers. I encourage all of you to join the canvass on May 1st and be part of turning Valley High 180 degrees.

If you have question and/or can participate please email

Go Falcons!
Leo Villarreal ‘99

I'm Coming to the May 1st Canvass!

Ana Landrian VHS Teacher
Ana Santillan '99
Alex Padilla VHS Counselor
Ariel Marie Casarez VHS Student
Beatriz Borja '99
Carlos Gutierrez '99
Claudia Delgado '98
Felicity Swerdlow VHS Principal
Francisca (Villarreal) Darney '99
Eddie Lara '96
Gloria Garcia-Ortiz VHS Counselor
Hugo Munoz '04
Jane Russo SAUSD Superintendent
Janyce Cardenas '00
Javier Valdez VHS Counselor
Larry Mohr VHS Staff/Head Football Coach
Leo Villarreal '99
Manuel Ponce*
Marilyn Morales '03
Mark Bartholio VHS Teacher
Mayra Herrera '00
Michele Martinez* SA City Council
Melody Gonzalez '01
Olga Landrian VHS Teacher
Susana Cardenas '99
Sussie Carrilo '99
Tanya Romero*
Vanessa Castillo '96
Yeni (Mauras) Villarreal '99
Yuri Lara '03


If you can join us please email